Roberts Nash Advisory Group

Up, Up and Away?

The market continues to interpret bad news and good news as positive.  There is an amazing resilience the likes of which I have seldom seen.  Let’s enjoy it while it continues.  I was wrong in anticipating a correction in the US market over the last few months.The Canadian market is still in a solid up trend.

We have been fortunate to participate in some of the most positive sectors including Uranium.  We recommend at least a 2.5% position in uranium juniors where appropriate for the individual investor.  Please call if you have questions in regard to your individual portfolio.

Uranium prices surged 7% to a record level after Cameco Corp., the world's largest supplier, said a flood at an unfinished mine in Canada will delay initial shipments of the nuclear fuel by at least a year. Uranium rose to $60 a pound from $56 in a weekly posting by Roswell, Georgia-based Ux Consulting Co. Ux's price is based on the company's assessment of the uranium market and is widely used within the nuclear industry. “It is the largest weekly increase on record'' in the 20 years the company has published uranium prices, Ux executive Eric Webb said. Uranium, the raw material in reactor fuel, has risen more than six fold since October 2001. Speculation is growing that 28 reactors under construction and a further 62 plants planned may outstrip available supplies. About 16% of the world's electricity was generated at 440 reactors.



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