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Geopolitical Briefing: What's Next in the Seemingly Never-Ending Brexit Saga?

When it comes to Brexit, the only certainty, it appears, is that there will be more uncertainty. Political positions regarding deadlines, elections and another referendum are in a state of flux.

The leaders of both major parties in the UK have recently been forced to make major policy reversals. Fears of mass Tory resignations, including many cabinet ministers, compelled Prime Minister Theresa May to allow a parliamentary vote on delaying Brexit if her deal is defeated. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, was forced to switch from opposing to now supporting a second referendum, despite being a lifelong Eurosceptic, because he, too, feared that more of his own MPs would abandon his party.

This report will attempt to lift the fog of uncertainty surrounding Brexit and explain how it could play out over the short-and long-term.

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