Roberts Nash Advisory Group

Market Comment

From the September Comment…..“The markets have been choppy all year with no net progress and I still believe need a good shakeout before the end of October to set up the year end rally.”

 Well we got our shakeout, especially in Canada.  As I write this (October 25th, 2005) the TSE/S&P 60 is down about 6%, the Income Trust Capped Index is down nearly 12%.  The Income Trust area had “The Perfect Storm” with rising interest rates, declining oil prices and speculation of government intervention.  I don’t necessarily think the damage is completely over. The US market is down only 1-3% in the month of October but has underperformed Canada all year.  As the US Fed continues to be strong in their resolve to cool the over-heated areas like real estate we could see more waves of selling pressure in the equity markets.




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