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My career spans 4 decades and during that time I have spent many hours talking to people on the phone. In the article “The lost art of making a business phone call” (below) some of my personal concerns are addressed.  In today’s world, I think it is important to know how to have a phone conversation.  I usually have a purpose for my calls and this can make phone calls very efficient. I find this better than going back and forth with email and text.   My daughters might say I’m too short as I often need to get off the phone after 10-15 minutes, but I must admit I might have often run out of questions to ask or things to say by this point.  Also, my business phone calls are usually not longer than 5-10 minutes so I’m used to getting things done within this time frame.

I do find it interesting that some of the millennial generation tend to hide behind email and texting.  For the life of me, I do not understand why it is better to text someone rather than talk to them.  When two people talk you can hear tone; excitement; and concerns.  Solutions can be found immediately.  I find texts lifeless but I do respond (though not always quickly out of protest).  Give me a call and I will call you back.  Unfortunately some people hide behind voicemail.  I have heard many people say they never answer the phone, they only listen to the message and see how they will respond.  Where is the etiquette in communication?  Ann Landers would so disapprove…

Of course I recognize that we are all different, and prefer different means of communication.  This leaves me wondering if my team is responding all our clients in the way they want to be served.  My expectation is that email is great for information flow, and a good record, but I still believe that most people want to have phone calls regularly to get a comfort that we are responding and hearing their needs.  Please let us know what you prefer.


The lost art of making a business phone call


Special to The Globe and Mail

Published Friday, Mar. 11, 2016 5:00PM EST 

In an era when people think it’s okay to communicate in emoticons, it seems odd that several recent hit songs, including Adele’s Hello and Drake’sHotline Bling, are all about talking on the phone. Maybe it’s nostalgia, or maybe they’ve discovered anew that to have a conversation with someone, you really need to hear their voice…




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