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What Makes A Golfer Great?

On June 18th I attended the induction of Warren Sye into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame.  Warren has an incredible amateur golf resume.  He has won over 140 events including 5 Ontario Amateurs and 2 Canadian Amateurs.  I was ask  k   ed to speak and talked about 5 traits every great golfer must possess. Warren certainly fits the bill for these. 

In 2013 James McMahon published an article for The Bleacher Report, titled five traits every great golfer must possess. The five key traits he found are:

Confidence bordering on cocky. McMahon actually says, the better the golfer, often the more arrogant they can be, both on and off the course. Sometimes this trait makes them admired and envied, by fellow players and fans. McMahon also says these traits can be perceived differently than their intention. 

  1. Short-term memory loss. The difference between the great, and those who fall short of that distinction, is often the ability to forget a bad shot or terrible break, immediately after it occurs. To add to McMahon’s comment, I would also counter this with long-term memory retention. The great ones not only have the ability to move on after a bad hole, but they will remember other times, when they hit super shots as they need a great shot on the next hole.  They have a convenient memory – it contributes to their success on the course.

  2. A singular focus. The winner has the ability to focus on the task at hand, the next shot. This includes super concentration to grind out perfection and live in the moment. 

  3. A creative minds eye. Often times, the elite golfer can see things that others can’t see.

  4. A competitive fire that burns. McMahon describes this is a flat-out obsession to win.

When looking at investment records, the great investors possess the same traits.  They are confident in their strategy, even when it is out of favour.  They have the ability to take the loss and move on from mistakes, learn from them, and not dwell on the past.  Great investors have a singular focus of looking at the world in a simple way to brush out the complexity.  Certainly they have a creative view, often buying when others are selling and vice versa.  Finally, the best are competitive – they want to beat the benchmark over time.

On another note, Canadian’s have a new golf hero.  18 year old Brooke Henderson from Smith Falls, Ontario won a major 2 weeks ago – she is only the third Canadian to do so after Sandra Post and Mike Weir.  She is a superstar and is now ranked 2nd in the world.  Already she is giving back to the game with a video to demonstrate one of the eight core values you can learn through golf.  Please send this video to as many junior golfers and/or their parents as you can!

VIDEO: Brooke Henderson demonstrates one of many Life Skills lessons - click here



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